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May 6, 2007

before and after that moment: losing my Father to cancer

I remember a dream that I had late last year. My Sister, My Mother and I were outside in front of our house. We were looking out at the neighborhood when I noticed, that in the sky, there were some violent clouds forming. As I watched, the clouds started to form into a shape. I soon realized that they were forming into a tornado; the tornado was coming our way. We ran into the house and hid where we could, as the tornado ripped through our house. At the same time, I was wondering where my Dad was. The tornado passed. We were fine. I went looking for my Dad in the house. He was in his usual place doing his usual thing: reading the newspaper in his bed, as though nothing had happened. At this point I woke up from the dream. At first, I felt angry. But as days passed and I thought more about the dream, I realized that my Dad had made peace with his situation. It was me that hadn't made peace with the situation. I must deal with the displacement of what my world had been and face my world as it is now.

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Brooks said...

This appears to be an excellent interpretation of your dream. I can't help but wonder if there's another piece to the dream, however. Perhaps it also was an assurance that he is absolutely safe and fine where he is now and there was never any need to worry about him. I wonder if his appearance in your dream was a visitation by him. Just a thought.

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