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Aug 17, 2007

Collage Techniques and Inspiration

I started experimenting with collage several years ago, but hadn't really focused on collage until recently. I enjoy collaging for the change of pace and the new perspective that it gives me. I have some flexibility when doing my figure paintings on rice paper with mixed media, but the act of painting is more visual than it is tactile. Collage provides a release of tension; painting feeds it.

Recently, I got stuck on what to do next on a wip collage, so I went searching the internet for blogs that could offer inspiration and instruction. Here is what I found:

Julie has culled the internet resulting in this Collage ClearingHouse blog . She provides articles with pictures and links to other collage sites on the web. It is a good place to start for inspiration.

Neda K. Doany provides an excellent tutorial on how to do a collage at Papiers Colles. Her mixed media collages will also inspire you.

Runaway Moon is another blog with great works by the artist which will definitely inspire the viewer. The artist, C, really pushes the limits in this particular collage piece.

Have you ever wondered how to add sewing to a paper collage? Julie has put together a wonderful tutorial about sewing on paper by hand or with a sewing machine at The Adventures of Bluegirl.


Into the Blystic said...

Hi Juana
Thanks so much for the great links to other collage artists! Your blog is a lovely intermingling of art& poetry. So glad to have found you through you finding me lol! namaste Elis.

Neda said...

Juana, thank you for your lovely description of my blog. I do appreciate your effort in trying to find inspirational art sites. I have a few listed, if you want to check them (you can email me anytime). I am going to visit your other"discoveries" in a bit.

I also want to tell you that your own blog is enchanting and that I have learned so much from you. I will visit often! Thank you again!

Cathy M. Woo said...

Hi Juana,
Thanks for contacting me. I really enjoyed reading your blog and have linked it to my site.

Congratulations on your wonderful work and sensitive comments.

Being an artist is quite wonderful. Wishing you lots of time to work and much success getting your paintings out in the world.
Cathy Woo

Gallery Juana said...

Thank you Elis, Neda and Cathy for your very kind comments! I truly enjoyed visiting your blogs and will be back to visit often.


Neda said...

Just a note to let you know you are now listed on mu blog link. Keep up the wonderful work :)

Gallery Juana said...

Thanks Neda for the link. I have added yours to my side bar as well.

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