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Aug 28, 2007

A Pair of Red Cherries ACEO

I finished this piece last night. I started out doing a painting of cherries on rice paper, but I didn't like how the background had turned out. I had previously gessoed and glued gold-inlaid rice paper to watercolor paper (140lb). I cut the watercolor paper to an ACEO size card, then cut out the cherries and stems and glued them to the card. My first ACEO card! All the gold makes it difficult to get a good jpg with my digital camera. A scanner is on my wishlist.

cherries/stems: watercolor, ink, acrylic on rice paper
support: gold-inlaid rice paper glued on gessoed watercolor paper (140lb)

close-up of cherry on left which shows texture of background:


Neda said...

A very interesting technique. Good luck with the scanner.

Frances said...

The cherries are lovely, I think maybe the background is such a strong contrast it has become a foreground and the cherries seem to be in the dark, somehow. A lot of light on the background - probably caused by the flash on the camera? not sure. Try taking the pic outside then the flash won't operate and we can see the image of the cherries better. I still wish I could paint like you - I'm a new visitor, saw your name on Neda's wonderful site and have Bookmarked you so I can come and look at all your other work later. Beautiful and thanks for sharing.

Gallery Juana said...

Frances, you are right about the bright shine on the background, so I uploaded a different picture. I think the new pic has less shine and that the cherries are more visible.

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