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Sep 1, 2007

Blue-Black Poppies Collage

size: 14.7cm H x 10.6 cm
Japan has a traditional art which is called 'Chigiri-E." This literally translates to "Torn Paper Picture." I joined a class last year to learn this art. This is done with colored rice paper glued onto light green mat board. Below is a close-up of the large flower.


Brooks said...

Simply beautiful. I love the way the ink feathers out from the petals. You're the kind of artist I love to view.

Mary said...

Beautiful work Juana and so delicate. I imagine it is not easy to get that exquisite light touch.

Gallery Juana said...

Thank you Mary and Brook.

This is torn rice paper, so the difficult part is finding the right nuance of color. The color is all dependant on the paper. There is no ink or paint involved. I like the feathering too, Brook. Japan has truly given me a love and appreciation for paper.

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