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Sep 6, 2007

Young Man - Painting on Rice Paper

ink, chinese watercolor on rice paper
32.5 cm H x 24 cm W
Copyright © 2007 Juana Almaguer

I am back to portraits again. This is the motif I am working on now. I drew the drawing last year and did the painting shortly after that. I am trying to get more of these done as I love the pose. The brush strokes used are also quick and as few as possible ... similar to traditional chinese ink painting. The space and color are important as well. There is the Japanese "Notan" effect: a balance between lighter shades placed next to darker shades. Additionally, there is a balance of painted space and unpainted space.


Neda said...

This is really cool and delicate. Keep on!!

Frances said...

So interesting and so clever. Thanks for the explanation of "Notan", it adds to the pleasure of looking.

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