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Aug 31, 2007

Purple Flowers - Suibokuga

Suibokuga, "水墨画," is Chinese Ink Painting in Japanese. The kanji literally translate into water ink painting. I did this painting last month. The rice paper is very thin, so I had to paint quickly and be careful to not have too much water on my brush.


Neda said...

There is a delicate beauty in your work...this is breathtaking!

Frances said...

Wow, your work is so pretty and delicate. If I could paint like you I would just paint all day. So airy and light.

Gallery Juana said...

Thank you Neda and Francis.

Neda, Your work always takes My breath away!

Francis, thank you for visiting and for the advice on the picture taking.

I will be posting more of my Chinese Ink paintings soon.

Brooks said...

Lovely painting. Very delicate, yet it has a bold strenth.

Gallery Juana said...

Thank you brook. I have a renewed interest in doing Chinese Ink paintings again.

Lindsay said...

This is very light and beautiful.

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