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Oct 16, 2007

What I have been up to and some Inspiration

July, August and September were productive months because I only had to work 20 hours a week. My other part-time job at the Language College started up again in October, so I am juggling my art with my ESL jobs again. It is not that bad though. I have been in Japan for five years. It doesn't feel as though five years have passed. I really love living here.

I have been making my rounds to different blogs in the last couple of days. These are a few of my favorite posts:

Famous Quotes

The person I have always wanted to be

To me, at 20



dianeclancy said...

Hi Juana,

Having some time off to do your own work makes a gigantic difference! I am glad you had that time this summer (I don;'t know where you live ... it might have been winter for all I know) *smile*

You may want to visit my regular blog ...

~ Diane Clancy

Gallery Juana said...

You were right to guess that it is summer here in Japan. I will be over to see your other blog. I didn't realise that you had another one.

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