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Oct 23, 2007

Working with Ink on Rice Paper

I decided to work with mostly ink on rice paper today. This painting on rice paper is a combination of Ink and Japanese Watercolor. I outlined the figure with white paint and then added ink and blue watercolor.

Trying to get a gradation, strong points of black, and at the same time, balancing the white with the ink, is always challenging. I haven't put the backing on yet, but I was too excited to hold off on posting this.


Bobbie said...

Love this figure, the lines just flow. The color is nice too.

Gallery Juana said...

thanks, Bobbie.

I really like one. As I rarely do female nudes, I was actually nervous (yet excited) to post this. I am happy this one worked out.

msbelle said...

Oh my, what talent you possess! Thank you for visiting my blog and for the compliment. I really appreciate it. And I appreciate your comment on Flickr.
Yes, my son has been battling something for over a month now. It's been quite draining on us both. But this too shall pass (I hope).
I will add you to my blogroll and have already faved your store on Etsy. I'll do the same on Flickr!
Thank you again!

Gallery Juana said...

Thanks Ginger,

I did the same. Just love your jewelry.

Neda said...

Awesome. Simply awesome!!

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