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Dec 18, 2007

Xmas in Japan

Christmas decorations in and outside stores went up in Sendai around late November. Even one of the English schools where I work is playing Xmas music this year.

In Japan, beginning in mid-December, you can view the huge and expansive"Christmas Illuminations". In my city, all the trees on a particular street are blanketed with white lights. Couples and families walk amongst the trees in awe of the illumination. Others avoid the area at all costs due to the crowds.
Christmas Eve is most popular for dates. Most popular things to do with your date: view the Christmas Illumination then have a Special candlelit Christmas Dinner at a fancy restaurant (average price is $100 per person).

Christmas Cake and fried chicken or roasted chicken are also popular for those who want to spend it at home with friends. Fried chicken? I wonder how the fried chicken tradition started? You can expect to spend at least $30 for a whole xmas cake.
My husband and I usually have dinner out at a reasonably priced restaurant on Christmas Eve.
Last year we ate at a Thai restarant for dinner. We both had to work that day too. This year we have it off together. We are planning a hike in the morning and then a buffet lunch at our favorite Japanese Buffet restaurant.
On Christmas day, I leave from Tokyo for Home! I am looking forward to spending two weeks with my family.


Steffi said...

Very beautiful christmnas decoration in Japan!My daughter was in october in Japan too!
I wish you Merry christmas!

AntiGenre said...

I think you can see Japan from space with all the christmas lights this time of year. Gotta love the fluffy cake, too!


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Gallery Juana said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by.

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