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Mar 20, 2008

ACEO Nude in Ink with a Red Towel on Rice Paper No. 2

65 mm x 90mm
2.5 inches x 3.5 inches

I have started a new series of Nude in Ink with a Red Towel on Rice Paper. I love the movement of ink on rice paper. These small paintings are mounted on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

I spent yesterday drawing and painting,. This morning I got the photos taken and listed the above ACEO on

I should really be getting ready to go to the gym, but I am still stting on my buttocks working on the web. Why do I grumble my way to the Gym? I always feel better once I have started exercising. Pulling myself away from my happy, little art studio in my house is always difficult. Lately, I have been so focused on my art that it is effecting my sleeping habits and my day job. This week I am going to put a daily plan together. I need to stay focused yet balanced. How do you stay balanced?


Alicia said...

I have a great series on time managemnt on my blog. I think proper time management is a good way to stay balanced.

Scott Bulger Photography said...

I find it tremendously difficult to stay balanced. The best way for me is to prioritize everything, and just deal with it that way.

Anonymous said...

See...that's the problem! Staying balanced is so hard! I injured my dominant hand this week - finger in a splint, can't work! Mom said it was God telling me to slow down and chill on etsy for a week. So, what did I do? Re-photograph everything in my shop! So much for balance!

Gallery Juana said...

Thanks for all your comments. Time management is something I need to work on.

Kerry said...

I hardly balance everything well at once. I am usually dropping the ball somewhere.
I try to keep a daily to do list and follow it. Sometimes the same task will get moved from one day to the next and take weeks to be accomplished.
This is just what a certain personality type does and we're it.

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