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Mar 26, 2008

Music and Art and a Featured Etsy Artist

Recently, Nicole Hanley of art2theextreme featured me in her blog. She has a variety of art and creations for all different needs, occasions, and tastes in her Etsy shop. I wish I could do block prints! I love her hand printed block print of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I have joined several sites in the past 6 months to promote my Art. You can see them in my side bar. Everyday, I am amazed at how connected the world has become since the birth of the internet. My days are spent balancing my time at my ESL job, creating my Art, keeping my sites up-dated, and chatting on the Etsy forums.

I listen to music when I am painting, drawing or doing anything Art. Today, I finally got around to putting my Gallery Juana playlist together on


Diana said...

Gorgeous woodblock print!

I know exactly what you mean with the multiple websites to promote art, and how big a factor the internet is in our lives today. And I love your playlist!

How do you like the VAST team? I think I'm going to have to scope them out.

Gallery Juana said...

Vast is very a well-organized team. I mostly post to their blog.

John said...

Playlist is a great find - will investigate - thaks for your kind comment. Will visit again.

personal massager said...

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