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Apr 28, 2008

Showa day and Laundry

Emperor HiroHito on his Coronation Day
Showa day is on April 29 the and marks the beginning of consecutive National holidays in Japan. This day honors the Late Emperor Showa (Hirohito) who reigned as Emperor of Japan from December 25, 1926 to January 7, 1989. His reign was the Shōwa period (昭和時代 Shōwa jidai: Showa means "enlightened peace" and Jidai means "period").

In Japan, the date is based on the reign of the Emperor. Japan has been in the Heisei Era since January 8th, 1989 when Emperor Akihoto succeeded to the thrown following the death of his Father, Hirohito. The intended meaning of Heisei is "peace everywhere" and is based on two historical history books.

Both the Japanese and Gregorian systems are used. Most business publications and documents use the traditional system. International documents use the Gregorian system. So my visa to stay in Japan uses the Gregorian system but my banking records and birthdate use the traditional system. 2008 is Heisei 20.

So what does this Holiday have to do with Laundry? After weeks of rain, the weather forecast says we will have sunny, warm days for this holiday. I plan to get my laundry done. I love seeing it hung out on the line. As a child, I remember riding my tricycle around the yard as my Mom hung the clothes on the line. Those days were sunny and carefree for me.


erinpetersonart said...

Thanks for the information on Showa! I'll teach that to my students today.

Also, thanks for inspiring me to do some laundry. I don't have a washer or dryer right now, so I've been using my mom's. Today, I'll wash in the tub and dry on the line! :)

jewelstreet said...

Very interesting. I love coming to your blog to learn all kinds of neato information.

I want a clothes line so bad, but we live next to fields where they are constantly spraying chemicals or chicken manure. Ewwww.

Gallery Juana said...

jewel, I remember how my Dad would lay manure down for his garden. Chemicals are a definite negative for hanging clothes out to dry.

Hi, Erin, thanks for stopping by.

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