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May 1, 2008

Golden Week and Proverbs

I will have five glorious days off thanks to the consecutive National Holidays which make up "Golden Week." If I go anywhere, travelling will be limited to local areas. I mostly look forward to working all day on my Art!

Most people in Japan will be travelling to their hometown or somewhere for a short vacation. Roads will be jammed with traffic. Hotel prices are higher, and they are probably already fully booked. Japan Today reported that in 1.5 million people visited the new Tokyo Midtown shopping/office complex in Roppongi during Golden Week 2007. Long waits and patience are expected if you are going to travel during Golden Week. The Japan Times reported that Narita airport’s operating company expects to have 970,000 travelling between April 24 to May 7.

I love proverbs. I have this small ink painting with caligraphy in my Gallery Juana etsy shop. A group of monks are on their long pilgrimage or journey.

Read as follows: Ame futte ji katamaru
Literal translation: Rained on ground hardens
Meaning: Adversity builds character


Nodin's Nest said...

Enjoy your holiday!

Beat Black said...

golden week eh? I hope you have a good one! :)

BabyLyons said...

Have fun this week!
That's a great proverb :)

Chris Stone said...

have a good holiday... and nice quote! though. I wouldn't mind experiencing character without adversity!

ching said...

hi Juanna,

enjoyed your holidays?
thank you for comments in my blog.

I've been to Tokyo twice and I love Tokyo. You are teaching in Tokyo at this moment?

It is nice to know you. Let's keep in touch.. hope to see you around :)

~ ching

Gallery Juana said...

Ching, I am further north from Tokyo, but I am teaching:)
Thanks for coming by everyone!

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