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Jun 25, 2008

The Dream Chronicles and Presence II

I often dream through my conflicts. These dreams sometimes follow a theme or appear in sequence. I work out my questions through my dreams. Sometimes, I haven't even admitted the question. This is the second entry in "The Dream Chronicles."
Go here to view the series : The Dream Chronicles

The Second Ghost dream

My husband and I had been asleep for sometime. He was on my left and my cat was between us. I was sleeping partially on my left side facing him with my left arm wrapped around my cat. For some reason, my right arm was stretched out behind me to the right side of the bed.

I became aware that a hand was holding my right hand. I could feel the warmth and the pressure of the hand. I remember slightly waking up and thinking how sweet of my husband to hold my hand. As I slowly started to wake up more and logically put together our positions, I realised that he couldn't be holding my hand. At this point, I tried to move but the hand would not let go of my hand. The more I tried to get free, the stronger the grip got. Soon, the pressure of the grip started to climb my arm. I could hear my heart racing and I was starting to have problems breathing, as the weight of the grip started to envelope me. I kept trying to scream but couldn't. Finally, my husband heard my muffled sounds and woke me up. As soon as I heard his voice, the hand released me.

There are a total of five dreams in this series.

Giclee of my second painting in my Presence series. Original collage was done on panel with acrylics, watercolor, rice paper and pencil.

Presence II


Rosebud Collection said...

I won't kid you, that made me nervous..The panel is wonderful..

Chris Stone said...

Wow what a vivid dream. It actually got my heart racing. Love the painting!

Joy Logan said...

I have had what I call reoccuring dreams. They are similar each time,same place,same people,they stay with me most in waking hours. Love the art you did also,love unexpected colors in art.

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