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Jun 9, 2008

Recent Painting and Summer Sale

Inspired by a challenge to do a painting based on a fictional character, I completed this small painting.

Marisol is in high school. She is shy, independent, and studies hard. She was named after her grandmother but has never liked her name because noone can pronounce it correctly. Most say "Mary soul" or "Marie soul." So she goes by the nickname Mary which she has announced on the first day of every class since fourth grade.

She is a second-generation American. She's grown up in a bilingual home with the values and culture of her ancestors. Her parents did not go to University and dream of her being the first to get a University degree in the family. They work hard and have made sacrifices to send her to an affluent, private High School.

She is a bit confused now about her identity. She feels different from everyone. Little does she know that University will be a different world for her. She'll feel good about being different. She will even go by her real name in University, Marisol.
size: 65 mm x 90mm (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches)

What's New

~~~~~ Wednesday, June 11- Friday, June 20 ~~~~~
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Rosebud Collection said...

Enjoy the story with the beautiful picture..You did a great job.

Chris Stone said...

Nice... love the name Marisol. I like the idea of doing fictional characters.

Waterrose said...

Lovely and I like the small story that goes with it.

Lara said...

Your work is beautiful!!!

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