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Nov 14, 2008

Pretend - Illustration Friday

When I wasn't climbing my favorite tree (pretending I was a famous explorer) or swinging on the swing, I would sit in my room painting or dancing to music on my record player. I also loved reading. Books took me into another world. They fueled my imagination. Books made me pensive.

This is Pensive Tomoko. This original illustration was done with acrylics and pencil on acid-free drawing paper.



peaceful, very nice.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a wonderful picture..she is deep in thought..beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Tell me about the posture and the concept behind her embrace?

or is it purely obvious?

Gallery Juana said...

Hi Jesse, I didn't really have a reason for drawing her in this posture. However, now that I think about it, whatever is going on in my life usually comes through in my art.

Gallery Juana said...

charmscholl and rosebud, thank you:)

fly tie said...

simple peacefulness. :-)

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