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Jan 21, 2009

I00 Ideas, No. 34: First Life, Day 1

I00 Ideas, No. 34: First Life, horizontal, day 1

Craftyard brought Keri Smith's 100 Ideas to my attention in a thread on Etsy. It is meant to boost our creativity and productivity for the next 100 days. I have joined, as it is just what I need to keep me in touch with my Art on a daily basis.

Today, I completed Idea 34: "Fill an entire page in your journal with small circles. Color them in." My journal is a short, 10 page sewn pamphlet that I put together. The instructions were pretty easy to follow. This 4 x 6 inch journal is light and easy to carry with me anywhere. Filling a page with circles was not as easy or quick as I had thought it would be. And I am also surprised that I never got bored doing all these circles! Instead, the process became very meditative. I colored the circles where I could see an image, but when I showed my Husband, he saw a different image. I liked the named he chose for it too.

I00 Ideas, No. 34: First Life, vertical, day 1

I00 Ideas, No. 34: First Life


Chris Stone said...

Love the drawing! also those kimono pics are great. and your cat, a great model.

Myfanwy said...

I love these circles. It is a design process that I use often, and it is amazing how restful it can be. Thanks for sharing yours. I need to look mine out, I feel the urge to do some more.....

Myfanwy said...

I've jumped into 100 days! Hope I can keep it up

fly tie said...

ha! now this is something i *will* be doing. i'm a major doodler, and circles happen to be one thing that i seem to always be drawing. yours is turning out nicely.

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