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May 7, 2009

Terrarium and Sendai Night View

This week's Thursday tweet is about making your own terrarium. I have no high shelf to put house plants, and my cat won't leave them alone otherwise, so I thought I could have a little green in my studio this way. I learned how to build a terrarium at e-how. The photo below is my second attempt at using the camera on manual and was edited with IrfanView. Of course, I have forgotten what aperture and speed I used!

I have had my Canon G9 digital camera for just over a year. And just this week, I started using the manual settings on it. I have my husband to credit for my sudden urge to finally start exploring the manual settings. On our long walk last Tuesday, he suggested taking a night photo of the traffic. He gave me a general idea of what I needed to do and I was hooked. Wow, the possibilities! So the photo below is my first attempt at using the camera on manual and was edited with IrfanView. The T.V. tower in the background changes color based on tomorrow's forecast. It was white meaning it would be sunny the next day.... sunny and with possiblilities!

sendai night traffic


Marlene said...

Thank you for the info on the terrarium. Your night photo is awesome!

fly tie said...

both photos are really nice. i love the concept of the tv tower.

the terrarium's a great idea. all the layers look pretty, plus a little greenery is always a plus!

readingsully2 said...

Love terrariums...very interesting. Love your night shot too with your manual settings.

Hey Harriet said...

Whoa! This is an amazing photo! Yay for experimenting with manual settings. Can't wait to see more!

Chris Stone said...

great picture. i was wanting to take a night photo tonite... the streetlight filtered in through my lace curtains beautifully. but i think the shot is way beyond the abilities of my cheapo camera!

love the idea of a tower changing color based on the forecast.

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