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Dec 17, 2009

Water and taking the bus in Mexico

As the house hadn’t been occupied for a while, we spent our first week doing a thorough cleaning of the house. It wasn’t until the sixth day that we checked the main water tank. At that point, we realized the city water had not been running so the main tank was very low, leaving us with about three days left of water in the reserve tank. The count down had begun: three days to get more water before we were completely out.

On the seventh day, we continued to double-check every reason why the main tank was not filling. It was strange to not have city water running. We checked that the equipment was working. No problem there. My husband remembered there were pipes that ran along the outside of our house. He went out to follow the pipes and spotted a meter and valve on the front side of our house. He turned on the valve and the meter started to work as well. He came back in the house and heard the main tank filling with water. Hurray, that was the city water for our house! Perhaps because the tanks were full when we moved in and because it had been empty, the owner had shut it off. Phew .... the water shortage scare was over.

bus stop in Mexico

Last Friday, we went out to a huge, westernized shopping mall and theater that is accessible by city bus. We caught the local bus in Centro (downtown). It was a real adventure. Buses arrive every few minutes and stop anywhere along the designated bus zone. That means, as soon as you see your bus, you need to diplomatically and quickly move your way through the crowd to reach your bus. Then once more, you must hold your place in line to get on the bus while every one is trying to get on the same bus from several lines. Everyone is courteous and patient. The situation reminded me of a the food conveyor belts where all the bits of food are merging from one big, unorganized group into one organized line. It all somehow just works.


Anya said...

I hope you like it in Mexico :-)
It looks all great !!!
Are the people also nice there ....

Marlene said...

Interesting picture - I don't know if I could learn to be adventurous in a strange place. Glad you have water though.

Rosebud Collection said...

Was away from blogging for awhile..Trouble with the thyroid and was quite serious..okay now.
When the heck did you end up in Mexico? I missed out on so much..I may not be on the blog, but never forget you..
Merry Christmas..

Kathleen said...

Sounds like you are getting settled in your new home - glad that you found out about the water =p ack! Love the story of the bus - hehe, I would be so lost *rolls eyes* oh, my!

Poetic Artist said...

Sounds like new adventures in Mexico..So are you adjusting and getting the creative spirit?

Tracy said...

Hi, Juana! It is wonderful to here/see impressions of your new life in Mexico! Glad you're getting settled in and with the folks there. Thank you so much for the lovely holiday greeting at my place. Looking forward to more friendship and fun in the New Year! :o) Happy Holidays ((HUGS))

Chris Stone said...

lol. i did that once. a friend of mine and i stayed at my grandmother's old house in a rural part of Tennessee. One thing we wanted to do, and did, was thoroughly clean the place before cooking dinner. well. we ran out of water before dinner! there was only a small pump from a small spring. lol. well. it was an adventure!

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