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Jan 29, 2010

A Shadow Shot day in Mexico

I enjoy seeing other bloggers give me a tour of their day, so I thought I would do the same this Sunday.

Last Saturday, I did my shopping at the local Mercado for vegetables. Before going there, I stopped my the plaza downtown to log into their Wi-Fi and check my email. While sitting on the bench there, I noticed this shadow on the door. Doors and windows here are amazing! There is never an uninteresting door or window.

wood door

Later in the afternoon, my husband and I went for a long walk in the baking sun. We came across an outdoor market. I found the wetstone I needed to sharpen my cooking knives, so it was a fruitful search. I caught sight of this man and his "working bicycle". I see these all over the city. There is a huge basket on the front side that sits over two wheels with the seat over one wheel in the back.


Hope your weekend is going well. For more shadow shots, stop by Hey Harriet's blog.


Marlene said...

Wow it is only Friday here. Nice Shadow shot on that Door. The door is gorgeous!

readingsully2 said...

This place you live is quite a colorful and interesting place. :)

BLOGitse said...

You're early bird - it's only Saturday in Egypt!
Cool shots though...
Have a nice weekend!

Sylvia K said...

The door is indeed gorgeous! What beautiful shadows!! Love it! Great shadow to go with the "working bicycle", too! Really terrific captures for the day! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


Rosebud Collection said...

What interesting pictures. I still can't get over you are in Mexico. I was down for the count for awhile and now trying to get back into my blog. Slow going, but here I am..
Happy SSS xoxoRosebud

bobbie said...

Very lovely shadows on the door. And such color in the other photo!

Sweet Repose said...

Ah, baking sun, that has such a wonderful ring to it...we have sun, but it's of the Frigidaire frozen!!!

The doors down there are fabulous, you wonder what lies behind...have a wonderful weekend!!!

Cassie said...

I really like the delicate tree shadows on the big, chunky door. Nice framing.

Guy D said...

That first pic is a definite keeper, thanks for sharing.

All the best
Regina In Pictures

Hey Harriet said...

You certainly do live in a very interesting city. There's always so much to see and going on in your area! The door and the shadwos decorating it is lovely. And that bike! Wow! It kind of looks like it is the wrong way around to me. I'm so short that I don't think I'd be able to see over the contents of the basket. But then judging by the contents of the basket I doubt I'd have the energy to ride it very far anyway. Looks like very hard work!

Greyscale Territory said...

Such fascinating photos! And that bike is so loaded it is a wonder that anyone could ride it!

Tracy said...

Hi, Juana! Those heavy wooden doors are beautiful...the richness of the wood and carving is so welcoming! And that man and his unique bicycle... a bike with a HUGE basket--good idea! I wouldn't mind one of those for shopping outings--LOL! Hope you're having a great weekend :o) ((HUGS))

sarayutouched said...

love the words...baking in the sun... the door is awesome... thanks for taking us with you on your walk.

Anonymous said...

Konnichiwa J-san,

I been enjoying your sunshine... and of course your shadows too.

Love the door, vintag-y and so neat with that gray touché of tree shadow? Perfect.

Hope your enjoying your time overthere.

Virginia bed and breakfast said...

I have been caring your sunlight... and of naturally your darkness too.

Love the door, vintage-y and so great with that gray touch of tree shadow? Ideal.

Hope you will enjoying your time over there.

Chris Stone said...

love the door shot! i wonder if the fellow has the basket in front to keep an eye on stuff. seems like it would be harder to steer!

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