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Jun 16, 2010


nopales - pear cactus

Have you ever eaten Nopales?  A number of years ago, my Mom took a small cut-off of one and planted it in the garden.  Each week we cut off the ripe nopal leaves, remove the spines and cook them up. The trio in these photos aren't ready yet, but they are already looking delicious.  The same cactus plant will bear edible fruit called tunas.  They are quite seedy but make for an interesting fruit.

nopales -pear cactus

Looking at wikipedia, Nopales comes from the Nahuatl language.


Marlene said...

Great pictures. Yes I have eaten them, my sister puts them in her salsa and they are delicious. Of course we only have canned ones most of the year.

readingsully2 said...

Nope, I never have. Great shot.

Rosebud Collection said...

Never ate one in my life..Have heard about them and I think our supermarkets are selling them now. Not only a beautiful picture , but tasty meal..
Hope all is going my thoughts..

Gallery Juana said...

Rosebud, my hometown is multi-ethnic which is great when it comes to food. You can get just about anything here depending on which supermarket you go to.

Marlene, in salsa is a great idea!

Reading, thank you:)

ZenDotStudio said...

It's hard for me to imagine eating something that looks so prickly! So I will take your word for it that they are tasty.

Wishing both you and your mother well. How nice for her to have you there.

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