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Sep 9, 2010

Waiting, Poem and Illustration

Over the last seven days, I've added 4 more entries to my sketchbook for the 2011 Sketchbook Project.  All 4 entries are still in progress.  My theme is "Adhere To Me" and I've settled on it being a book of memories.

This particular entry has my illustration on the left and my poem on the right.

This is a sketchbook, so keeping my pages neat and clean has been a challenge.  The acrylic I had applied on a previous page got messy and ended up all over on different pages.  Finding a clean page is impossible now, so I'm working around these spots.  I might paint her skirt to make the spot less obvious.  We'll see.

Waiting - 2001 Sketchbook Project


You've been gone
ten days now,
four more.

You call.
Your voice
calms the raindrops
and wakes the sun.

I miss you more
than I could have predicted.
I'm cold at night, can't sleep.

Every morning
the canvas stares hard at me,
the brushes and oils have given up speaking to me.
I wander from room to room
 watch a spider, small and brown
with a white diamond on its back, build her web,
carrying silk from the center
out and back again.

The web glistens as the sun
comes through the window.
the clock strikes noon,
but I'm not hungry.

You told me you loved me and
your voice echos still.
the spider has finished her web
and there is nothing more to do but wait.

November 12, 1999


Marlene said...

Juana, she is beautiful and so are your words. I received my sketchbook and now I need to start working in it.

jcsvisuals said...

The poetry and ink work compliment each other. It's wonderful when two art forms unite...

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

this is beautiful Juana! The lines in your drawing remind me of Matisse =)

Gabbi said...

Lovely poem and illustration! I honestly couldn't see the spot on her skirt?

zendotstudio said...

A hauntingly beautiful poem, conveying a restless, lonely feeling. And somehow I can imagine this striking drawn woman belonging to those words.

I look forward to more sketch stories.

Gallery Juana said...

Marlene, I look forward to seeing your sketchbook pages.

Elizabeth, JC and Gabbi, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad the poem and illustration compliment each other.

Zendot, glad the restlessness came through in my words.

readingsully2 said...

This was great..anxious for more.

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