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Oct 30, 2010

Sleeping Siamese Cat and Sketchbook

Cat and Sketchbook
drawing for my sketchbook project 2011
Looking for Sunday Shadows

Now that the weather is cooler, Sputnik keeps me constant company.  Above is a scene from my typical work day:   Sputnik sleeping on my lap while I work at my desk.

Seek more shadows and/or participate at Hey Harriet's Blog.


Ralph said...

Sputnik is so comfortable on that baby blanket. And he is a perfect still model, at least when he sleeps. Your being hard at work doesn' disturb any of the felines' beauty sleep...

Sylvia K said...

Fun and lovely shadow shots for the day! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Enjoy! Happy Halloween!


LauraX said...

sweet kitty!

Cassie said...

Seems Sputnik has the best seat in the house! hehe. Cozy ShadowShot.

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

I miss my cat and the warm fuzzy nose against my cheek, take a big fuzzy hug for me please, too cute!

Dimple said...

Nice shadows in this shot, they blend in but the picture wouldn't be the same without them. Sputnik looks like a very good lap warmer!

Pagan Sphinx said...

That is a really fine photograph. Love it.


Kebeni said...

aww lovely pussycat, I have a siameseX and a burmese

Hey Harriet said...

What a delightful scene! I'm very envious of your typical work days. They sound lovely!

Rug up and keep warm. I guess it's only the beginning of the cold weather for you. Hope it passes quickly. Unless of course you like the cold temps :)

PS - thanks for your kind comment about my photo aceos!

BLOGitse said...

How much ahead you plan your works?
Sketchbook project 2011 - what does it mean, how many pictures or do you have theme for 2011?

Sarah said...

Lovely picture. Cats do so lopve to be where you are, helping out!

Poetic Artist said...

Do you always plan ahead?
Cats are the best companion. Sputnik looks so comfortable.
My cat Henry is now laying on my feet..Snoring..LOL
Take care.

Gallery Juana said...

poetic, how darling of your cat to be comfy and keep your feet warm. And yes, I try to plan ahead so I don't have to get up and move her too much.

sarah, cats seem to want to help in their own way, don't they!

hey harriet, I'll have your summer season blog pics to keep the warm days in my mind.

kabeni, sylvia, pagan, cassie and laura, thanks for dropping by.

dimple, such a cute name for you.

ralph, she stays pretty patient with my movements.

thank you all for your visits, good to see you.

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