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Nov 23, 2010

Moleskin Notebooks - altered cover

It's been raining all day which made for a cozy art day inside.  I've been working on altering moleskin notebook covers.

A while back my husband ran across a box of engraving letters.  They must have been my Father's.  I love this little set and used them to initial my painting that I adhered to this moleskin notebook.

moleskin redhead cover
Moleskin notebook, lined paper by Juana Almaguer


Rosebud Collection said...

Sending you love and blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving..
Have been having trouble with computer..after the holidays hope to get it straightened visits and blog have suffered..will always return..

Marlene said...

Love the covers. Wishing you a very wonderful Thanksgiving.

Poetic Artist said...

Ilove the cover. I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Gallery Juana said...

Rosebud, hope you're able to get the computer problems straightened out soon. Thank you for the thanksgiving wishes:)

Marlene and Katelen, thank you as well:)

readingsully2 said...

Juana, covers look great.

Color Cat Studios said...

I love altering my Moleskine pads! Every one is different. You must be having fun with those engraving letters - what - do you have a tool you put them in and then hand squeeze it?

Color Cat Studios said...

Hey, Juana, thank you for the comment on my kitty that died. RATS! It never is easy, is it? The good side is that my eleven year old son, Noah, is doing pretty well. A few years back we had a cat die, and he cried on and off for almost a YEAR! Whew!

Love, love the sketchbook submission for a sketchbook tour! Have you done this before? I would LOVE to do it next year if I don't find out after the deadline (ha, ha!)

Tracy said...

Hi, Juana! Many thanks for visiting me. Life had been busy for us both. :o) It was nice to see you comment while we were in the US. We had a lovely Thanksgiving Stateside with family--bliss! Hope you had a great holiday too. LOVE this painting of yours--great idea for covers. and the engraved initialing finishes it off so well. It's been fun to read through your post in recent months. Since I closed my Etsy shop the end of summer I've been slowing making a return to fine art after many years hiatus with that, and having such fun--it all feel so new, scary but wonderful! Happy Days, Juana :o) ((HUGS))

Gallery Juana said...

Colorcat, I just use my hands to hold and press the letters in. Your son sounds like a real cat lover. Glad he's coping more easily with the passing of the family cat.

Tracy, I look forward to seeing your artwork! Hugs to you too.

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