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Jan 13, 2011

Begin = Possibility

vessel and sunrise
I have doubts here and there on whether I'll be able to create something every day.  Questions on what will happen when life gets too busy.   It's not a group project, so no one but myself is imposing this resolution on me.

What's keeping me going is the satisfaction in my productivity.   In the past, on days where I thought I had no time or motivation to create, I would've just chalked it up to a lost day.  I felt that same way last week, but this resolution had me at my art desk.   Putting my self in place and the act of beginning were all it took to make possibilities happen.

Last night,  I'd been at my art desk all day and finished around 7 p.m.  Looking for motivation to go to the gym,  I went outside in the winter evening and picked some oranges.  The cold air woke me up and the sweet wedges of the peeled oranges refreshed me even more.  I got to the gym.

This 365 project has opened my eyes to what the words "Begin" and "Possibility" really mean.


Tracy said...

Intention needs to be stokes as much as the creative fires, I think. Much of the feeling here, I can relate to too, Juana. Distraction is my current "nemesis"...letting little things steal my time. So we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start again... ;o)

Marlene said...

Your painting is gorgeous. Love the post and it did me good to read it. I just need to go sit down at my table and pick up a pencil and start.

SaraJ said...

your photos are beautiful

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