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Jan 23, 2011

Sunday Sketch

sketch, hand
my husband's hand
I am continuing with my theme of hands.  I spent the week drawing hands and have a sore wrist and hand to take care of at the moment.  Yesterday I stayed away from my laptop and didn't do any drawing or painting.

I foiled my own plan of giving my hands a rest by juicing about 15 oranges and 5 grapefruits.  The trees are giving us so much fruit, I couldn't resist.   Oh well, the fresh squeezed juice was amazingly delicious!

The above quick sketch is for my 365 painting a day project.   My sweet husband modeled his hand for me.

Wishing everyone a good weekend, and for more Sunday sketch links, visit Sophia's blog.


WrightStuff said...

I love the freedom of this sketch and you captured the form perfectly.

Tammie said...

it is really hard to stop using our hands
same with giving our eyes a rest....
this sketch is quite wonderful
i love the simplicity and depth to it.

Missy said...

Great hand sketch! How great is it that you can make juice from your own fruit!

EVA said...

Great hand! How wonderful to squeeze oranges from your own tree!

Heather said...

great hand! you captured the form so well.
what a nice hubby to model for you! xxoo
enjoy your sunday.

Sophia said...

I love how your sketches are so light and loose in style. :)

And hey....any of that fresh squeezed juice left? hee

Christine said...

love your hand sketch today. Might be time to get an electric juicer? (-:

Linda Pruitt said...

Hands are hard! You did good! And Thanks to your hubby for being your model!!

Gallery Juana said...

thank you everyone for your comments and visits.
christine, yes ... I think it's time to get an electric juicer:)

Marlene said...

Gorgeous hand, love the lines of it. Fresh juice sounds so good right now.

Julia Christie said...

Great job...hands are so hard to do! That juice sounds wonderful! Feel better soon.


Poetic Artist said...

Great hand sketch. Fresh fruit and juice..Lucky you.. I hope you get the rest you need.
Blessing my friend.

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Great job - hands are sooooooooo hard to do.
cheers, dana
please pass the oj

Tracy said...

Oh, this is nice... and so GOOD! Hands, and feet too, are hard to drawn, I think. The thought of all that juice sounds sooo good...mmm... :o) Happy Day, Juana ((HUGS))

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