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Jan 16, 2011

W I P, Sunday Sketches

constellation X wip
Constellation X, wip

6th grade was the first time I used sumi ink for a school art project.  I instantly fell in love with how it flowed on the paper.  

For the above line drawing, I used a sumi brush to draw the lines with sumi ink on watercolor paper.  This is the beginning of Constellation X.  I'll be adding collage and pencil to complete the work.

Join in on the Sunday Sketch tour at Sophia's blog.

side note: My digital camera must have dust inside the lens, so every photo now has a small black dot on the left side.  Editing lessened it a bit.  Camera is out of warranty so we'll see what happens.


Heather said...

Very nice work!!!!

EVA said...

Very cool! Nice lines! Looks like fun experimenting!

Julia Christie said...

Great work capturing muscles and form! Neat to hear about your process too.


Reflections said...

Great form! Love to use a variety of media in one work. In Junior high we did a piece of pastels with india ink over it. Thought it was an awesome process.

Tracy said...

This ink sketch is wonderful, Juana... I especially like how you've handle drawing the knee--a tricky bit of anatomy!--and just how with a few strokes there's such a great sense of muscles. Very dynamic! I loved using sumi ink...something I've not done/used i a very long time. I had a little, pretty Japanese sumi-e set that sadly, somehow got lost during a move. I must check around online for a new set. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Marlene said...

This is beautiful, love the lines. I have tried working with Sumi Ink and it is fun but much more difficult than it looks. This will be wonderful when finished.

Christine said...

this is very good. I've never even heard of Sumi ink.

Poetic Artist said...

Wonderful lines..You must have a steady hand..I try to use Sumi ink. I get it every where..Could it be I do not know what I am doing..LOL..
Always love your work.

Gallery Juana said...

Thank you everyone for your visits and comments.

Tracy, that's a bummer about your sumi set!

Marlene, it is definitely harder to predict the ink's behaviour on rice paper.

Poetry, steady hand is definitely necessary. Too much coffee makes it impossible for me do the lines:)

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