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Mar 8, 2011

Mr. Sushi, Wordless Wednesday

Mr. Sushi
 Mr. Sushi

Catching a bite at Mr. Sushi just before heading over to my exhibition at City Arts Gallery.
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Tracy said...

LOVE the fun & glow of this photo, Juana! mmm...SUSHI! I love sushi! Hoping Hubby & I can go out to sushi next week as we celebrate out anniversary. VERY exciting about your exhibit, Juana. :o) I'm being brave Friday and will share something from my art journal... it'll be a first, but not the last, as I'm hooked! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Miss Becky said...

you know, I see a whole lot of photographs in the course of a day - blog hopping and all. this is one of my all-time favorites. I often see photos and think "wow, I wish I had taken that" and this is one of those. I love this photo - I would hang this on my wall. it makes me feel so good. have a beautiful day Juana, and I'm happy about your exhibit. if I were there, I'd be there.

Gallery Juana said...

Tracy, I look forward to seeing your Friday post!

MissBecky, I am in love your photography, so I'm honoured by your compliment.

Poetic Artist said...

The photo is so much fun. Sushi sounds wonderful..I hope you are doing good and life is treating you wonderful.

fly tie said...

you were the first to come to mind when i was trying to think of anyone i know of who lives in japan. then i remembered that you're back in the US.

i send my sell wishes to you, andyone you know who may have been affected, and the people in general!

Gallery Juana said...

Katelen, good to see you!

Flytie, it's been hard these past few days. I'm still trying to track down everyone. Thank you for thinking of me.

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