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Mar 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Graffiti on a wall along the bike path.  Local support for Egypt's cause possibly?
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zendotstudio said...

hmmm. and I'm wondering how an Egyptian walks??

Bike path wisdom!

Tracy said...

This has a "we are all one" feeling to me... great art/graffiti! I saw some graffiti locally that said "Don't believe what you think!" haha... I wonder if it's still there, or sprayed over? I'll have to go see. ;o) Happy Day, Juana ((HUGS))

Miss Becky said...

this is thoughtful. I'm wondering about it, and that's what wordless Wednesday is all about, huh? good capture Juana. have a happy Wednesday!

HarmlessColor said...


Gallery Juana said...

When I first saw this grafitti, I only noticed the words which reminded me of the song by The Bangles.

When I began to edit the photo on my computer, I noticed the figures above the words. I am thinking the person sprayed the grafitti in support of the protests that were happening in Egypt.

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