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Jul 2, 2011

Tug Boat Shadows

I think this was the favorite part of the trip for my husband:  The San Francisco Maritime National Park.  The collection of historical ships are docked permanently just north of the popular Fisherman's wharf.

The tugboat was not open for tour but here's my shot of it sporting it's shadow and Alcatraz in the background.
tugboat, san francisco

We actually boarded the huge sailing ship named Balclutha.  The Balclutha is a three-masted, steel-hulled ship and was launched in 1886.  It took a crew of about 26 men to handle the ship at sea with her complex rigging and 25 sails.  For three years, beginning in 1899, she hauled lumber from the U.S. west coast to Australia.  Most of her career was spent hauling Salmon from Alaska to S.F.

I couldn't get a good photo of this massive sailboat, but  Jassy-50 on flickr took a good one which you see below.

photo - Balclutha, Alcatraz & Angel Island, viewed from Aquatic Park
Photo taken by Jassy-50 on flickr

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
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Ralph said...

A tug boat seems diminutive and insignificant. Yet the small tug steers the much bigger ships into port. The shadow is massive, so we see the tug as a small but mighty craft!

The sailing ship seems from a world long ago. Yet is offers a stately elegance, built when ships ran with the wind. However, engines, radar and GPS of the modern ship are prepared for sailing the seas today.So the past is better left at the park...

Happy July 4!

Ms. Becky said...

so that's what Alcatraz looks like today, aye? love the tugboat image - lots of blue blue blue. is that a person up there, gazing out at the water? happy SSS.

Sylvia K said...

Wonderful captures for the day and I love the watery shadows and the boats! Hope you have a great weekend. Happy 4th of July!


Catherine said...

I love that first shot - such lovely tones of gorgeous blues...mine this week is also in SF!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Nice shots, especially the first one.


LakewoodDP said...

What a neat shot of the tugboat and its shadow with Alcatraz in the background!

Spadoman said...

I've been to this place many times. I love to visit San Francisco. Great shot of the tug. I love the shadow playing in the water. The three masted ship is awesome as all large sailing vessels of that vintage are.
Great stuiff.


Tracy said...

This was a treat to see, Juana! I love water and boats... that HUGE sail boat is amazing! What glorious sea and sky...*sigh*... Happy Day ((HUGS))

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