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Nov 27, 2011

Bath Time II, cat pen drawing

It's been awhile since I've been able to draw cats, and I've dearly missed drawing my Sputnik.   I recently revisited one of my previous sketches of her.

On Saturday, I drew her again with pen on 8 x 10 paper.

bath time II
Bath Time II, pen drawing on paper, 8 x 10

Available for purchase at

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Tammie said...

this is an awesome sketch. never would i have thought that squiggly lines could have so much feeling and portray so clearly all at once.

so cool that you would have prized my coloring book. thank you.

WrightStuff said...

This is such an interesting technique that works so well. You captured the muscles in the cat and I can imagine giving herself a good old wash! Fab!

Victoria said...

Wow! Brilliant and awe-inspiring..what a magnificent piece! Shine on..this is fabulous!

Tracy said...

This is very sweet and vibrantly fun, Juana... I love all the squiggle lines and how well you've captured Sputnik's posture & balance. How much you must miss her still... Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. We're still basking in the holiday glow. And my husband & I had a lot of time in our creative studio. I share a new painting at my place today--very exciting! Happy new week, my friend... Feeling very thankful to know you. :o) ((HUGS))

Sophia said...

I love this sketch. LOVE all squiggles. Always enjoy your artwork. Glad to see you back. Hugs! :)

MollyGirl said...

What an interesting technique! Great way to capture the texture of the cat!

Christine said...

Just beautiful, you've so captured the body language in this one.

BlackPumpkin said...

This is wonderful!!!

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