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Mar 7, 2012


whidbey sunrise

Yesterday morning it snowed and I was happy to see everything covered in white. Surprisingly, the day was sunny. By afternoon, the snow had melted. That was fortunate as I needed to drive into town.

The snowcapped Cascade Mountains were gorgeous at sunset and the night gave us the shimmering reflections of the moon over the water.

This morning as I was stumbling out of bed, I could hear my husband calling me into the sunroom to watch the sunrise. I went outside to get a better look. Absolutely stunning and the only sounds I could hear were the birds singing. The photo above is from this morning.

Over my coffee and biscuits, I went blog hopping to gain inspiration from fellow artists. I came across Cheryl's blog filled with thought-provoking poetry and imagery.. She also led me to another blog series called The Burning Question. Both series are a perfect fit for this journey that I've started.


Tracy said...

Oh, that sky...*swoon*... Thank you for this moment of beauty & serenity, Juana... And for the great links too. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Cheryl said...

You have a beautiful view of the Sound. How nice to be able to see a sunrise.

Poetic Artist said...

Wonderful view and a place full of inspiration. I hope you are settling in and getting your new nest all settled in..

Gallery Juana said...

I am amazed at the beauty here.
Tracy, I am swooning for sure:)
Cheryl, I am used to seeing the sunset, so this is a change.
Poetic, nature is definitely giving me some inspiration.

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