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Mar 19, 2012

Whale Watching and Hiking

When we arrived on Whidbey Island, I learned that we are right in line for the whale migration that begins in March.  Even though we aren't near the spots where the whales typically feed,  I have seen a whale twice in the last two weeks.

Today was the second time and the whale was swimming on our side of the shoreline!  I saw the whale's back and then nothing.   A couple of seconds later, the whale appeared again  and  stayed swimming close to the surface, so I knew I was really seeing this glorious creature.   I didn't have time to grab my camera, but this photo by Carla Dyck on etsy captures the beauty and grace of the whale perfectly.

Fine Art photo titled Home - 8 X 10 by Carla Dyck

On Sundays, we go hiking somewhere on the island. I love how everywhere I go there are tall pines to greet me. Yesterday, we saw two Eagles singing to each other as they were flying above us. We also saw deer grazing nearby. And in the ocean below us, we spotted a seal.

forest at ebey's landing, whidbey island
trail in Ebey's Landing Forest

A couple of Sundays ago, we came to this clearing on Ebey's Landing. Someone was practicing the bagpipes, so I took this video of the area while he was playing this beautiful music piece in the background. My video came out grainy but you can still hear the bagpipes and the strong wind that was blowing.


Angela said...

I have been wanting to go whale watching in the Sound for a few years now. They're beautiful!

Tracy said...

I love the music of bagpipes... this was beautiful! And I love the magic of Ebey's Landing. What a magic experience to see a whale too! Your new life is proving to have some great moments already, Kamana :o) Happy Days ((HUGS)) PS. Thanks for the supportive comments on my poems. I'm learning to be more "brave" and sharing more of my own poetry at my place.

MaryFaithPeace said...

I had a chance to go whale watching in Alaska a few years back and your photo captures it all: the anticipation, frustration and exhilaration when one finally surfaces. Magnificent!

Cheryl said...

I love bagpipes and have been to many celtic concerts. Now that you are living here you have the opportunity to experience the Scottish Highland Games in Mt. Vernon and Ferndale this summer.

Gallery Juana said...

Angela, I got lucky on being here at the right time.

Tracy, this place does often feel magical.

Mary, the photo is by another etsy seller, Carla Dyck. Alaska ... I'd love to visit there some day!

Cheryl, I'll keep those games in mind:)

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