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May 25, 2012

Ron Miranda and demosthenesclub

"This is your chance to get up on your soapbox and tell the World I think this. You don’t have to shout or scream or wave your hands about, just make art and let the work tell your story."
Last week I was introduced to Ron's entertaining and insightful Demosthenes club blog when he wrote me about doing a write-up on my art. Ron is a multi-talented artist in photography, writing and mixed media art.

Back in March, he wrote about attitude and how self-confidence and self-awareness are equally important in our art.
"You just have to get out of the cave and take your art with you. You don’t want to be like the Cro-Magnon kids, you paint wonderful images on cave walls and then have to wait two hundred and eighty-seven thousand years for someone to find it?"
Sometimes it's too easy to caste aside and eventually forget our creative, expressive self and replace that with the art we know will sell. He talks about the balance between what we want to do and what we need to do as we make a living as an artist.

His magic post from February talks about the foundation of being an artist.
"The only thing that makes you better is constant, daily practice."
I sure needed to be reminded of that! As of today, spurred by Ron's inspiring post, I am going to do a daily sketch. I tend to sketch only when I have an idea. But art is movement and hands have memories, so my daily sketching begins today: May 25, 2012.

Artist's self-portrait
I love how Ron has captured so much depth and emotion with just two colors. His black and white self-portrait in his Bits and Pieces post reminds me of sumi ink brush strokes and MokuHanGa (Japanese woodblock prints).
How I See Myself - Malocchio by Ron Miranda

Oh and he's a cat lover! Just below his self-portrait is the digital art piece of one of his cats. This sweetie's name is Birma.
Birma by Ron Miranda
For more inspiration head on over to his blog:
You won't be disappointed.


Cheryl said...

Wonderful post. Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to seeing some of your sketches.

Tracy said...

Wonderful feature, Juana...and such great wisdom. I love what Ron says, "You just have to get out of the cave and take your art with you." Oh, and that bit about keep practicing... always the best reminder. ;o) We're just back from our trip the US. Lovely to catch up here with you. ((HUGS))

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