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Jun 27, 2012

eat worms, 52 photos, release

los gusanos, pilar alba
wall art, zacatecas

I love taking long walks or hiking. Being out in all sorts of weather relaxes and clears my thoughts. 

This month, I'm in Zacatecas, Mexico. Randomly doors and walls will have posters glued to them, and above is one of the photos I took of this wall art.

Mira: por encima de ti hay muchos, cuantos? no lo se.
Son todos ellos que pasan sobre nuestras cabezas,
los que se mantienen alejados en inmensas torres.
Conten la ira, evita el enojo.
Cualquier accion puede ocasionar tu muerte
o la desaparicion de tu familia.
Solo miralos, trabaja y espera.
Al fin sabes que tambien a ellos por mas que lo rehuyan,
algun dia se los comeran los gusanos.

rough translation:

Look: there is much above you. How much? I don't know.
all of them pass above our heads
those who hide away in immense towers.
controling the anger, avoiding the anger,
at any moment death may come to you
or your family may disappear.
Just look at them, working and waiting.
In the end you know, even those who thought they could escape it,
will eat worms.

Los Gusanos, Pilar Alba

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Anonymous said...

How interesting to find a poster like that sort of out of the blue. Definitely a cultural marker! Wouldn't find that kind of thinking on American walls or doors. That would be more like, "Big Bird -sleepytime!" =) (Something similar actually seen on a library wall in Phoenix, AZ.)

Sassyangelac said...

Oh, this is divine!

michelle gd said...


Gallery Juana said...

desert, I really enjoy finding these little surprises on walls and doors.

sassy and michelle, thanks!

annie said...

What an interesting find!

Judith said...

What a great walk...Judith, Texas # 26

Janet said...

What a super find!! Love it! Nothing more relaxing that a photo walk!

Deborah said...

and enjoy your time in Mexico ...

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Está muy interese tu imagen de Los gusanos.

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