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Jul 23, 2012

July Pear aceo collage

Two and a half weeks have passed since I moved into this new apartment, and I'm slowly getting back on a schedule.

This past week I completed 3 pear aceo and took pictures of the collage process.

pear july wip step 1
separating the monoprint

For this series of three aceos of July pears, I used various monoprinted papers, pen and watercolor. Above I am separating the paper as I wanted a thinner piece of paper. When I had my Chigiri-e class in Japan, we would do this with the washi to get varying colors or a more translucent paper.

july pear wip step 2
step two with paper seperated

The foreground shows the monoprint paper in two pieces after it has been separated. The upper left shows the completed july pear I. In the upper right, the beginning wip of july pear II with the first layer of monoprint tissue paper.

july pear I wip step 3
july pear II, wip

Above is the pear that I tore from the monoprint paper. Once the glue has dried, I then draw around the pear with a sakura micron pen and add more layers of paint and paper. All three were sealed with gloss varnish to bring out the various colors and layers. Below is the finished July Pear II.

july pear II
July Pear II, aceo mixed media collage
These will all be in my shop.
Pear July I
July Pear II

Are you ready for the coming week?    What are you working on this week?

1 comment:

Tracy said...

LOVELY, Juana... the rich color and textures really captivate! I really love the different layers and materials. Beautifully done! This week I'm coming up for air post-Bloom True course and tidying up in my studio--it was an explosive, wonderful mess while doing the 5-week course, but now time to re-organize and regroup for new project to begin. I'm doing a lot of writing just now too, which feels like sunshine during these rainy non-summer-like days. Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

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