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Sep 19, 2012

autumn fog and deer

sailboats in marina
marina on whidbey island
I love the fog and haven't seen it for awhile since summer began. Everywhere, including the water, was quiet and still this morning.

The wildlife seems to be more active now that the weather is cooling. We're seeing all sorts of furry animals on our walks and hikes. I have yet to get a good photo of a deer.

deer wandering a neighborhood farm
What's season are you in, metaphorically or literally?   Weatherwise, we're entering Autumn. Symbolically, I'm entering my Spring.

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Cheryl said...

I enjoyed the fog yesterday and it looks like you did as well. It's cool to see wildlife venture out. It really is their home, you know, we're invading their space. Enjoy!

Katrin said...

Love your pictures! First I thought that it couldn't get better than the boats in the fog - but the deer is perfect, too!

Linda W. said...

I love foggy photos. Your first shot is great!

Bella said...

I am in a season of healing, and maybe a bit of nesting - so I feel like it's Autumn physically & emotionally for me.
Such lovely photos you've shared.

Anonymous said...

Capturing fog is so dreamy and what a wonderful representation!

Clarice said...

Oh, I love that first photo! I like your questioning of what season we are in metaphorically. I've always expected myself to be in accordance with the season...

kat {pipkin hollow} said...

An incredible capture of stillness and quiet with a hint of mystery!

I love that feeling of being closed in by the mist and fog ... like a protective layer shutting out the chaos and the noise.

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