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Sep 12, 2012

morning september walk, august blue moon

The sparkle and shine in my day comes from my walks with my husband in the morning and evening.

Along the way, we view the ocean, meet rabbits, birds, squirrels, cow, cats, dogs, and sometimes deer. We pick and eat berries from the wild vines that grow throughout the island.

september walk
september morning walk

One of the exercises in your creative brain book that I borrowed from the library is to memorize 10 poems. You work with one poem at a time, memorizing and then reciting the poem from memory for seven days.   Husband is joining me on this exercise, so today we stopped along our walk to recite our poems.

My first poem is by Li Po based on Ezra Pound's translation:

Marble Stairs Grievance

On Marble Stairs
still grows the white dew
That has all night
soaked her silk slippers

But she lets down
her crystal blind now
And sees through glaze
the autumn moon.

august blue moon 2012
View of the August blue moon rising over pugent sound off of Whidbey island.

joining "sparkle and shine" with 52 photos.

What sparkled in your day this week?


Kaylene said...

great capture

Tracy said...

BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! And love the sweetness of the one of you & your husband. Your poetry project is fun. I must tell my hubby about that. :o) Happy Days, Juana ((HUGS))

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Your love and commitment for one another sparkleled not only through your photograph, but through your words. Blessings!

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