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Oct 3, 2012

cheetos and dr. pepper

caterpillar on hiking trail

I came across this little guy on the way out for our hike. I nicknamed him "cheetopillar." In my younger days, I'd often grab a bag of cheetos and a Dr. Pepper for long road trips.

I remember one road trip from Mexico to Central California. Husband and I had flown from central Mexico to Tijuana, crossed on foot and then rented a truck to move some things from So Cal to Central Cal. As his driver's license had expired, I had to do all the driving which included driving at night through fog.

The superbowl was on that day and my husband was listening to the game on the radio. It was a really close game and we'd put off getting gas. With 15 minutes left to go, we pulled into a gas station. I offered to fill the truck up, but being the gentleman my husband is, he pays and fills the truck up with gas.

Game is now airing commercials, so he's going to get us some snacks. He went in to get my crunchy cheetos and Dr. Pepper and his snacks. Now I see him running to the truck empty-handed. "There's no Dr. Pepper for the fountain drinks," he says. I decide on cherry coke and he runs back in. He comes back with the cherry coke and soft, puffy cheetos. It'd been a long day and I knew I was being difficult, but I really wanted the crunchy ones. The game was still going but a time out had been called. So he runs back in to get my crunchy cheetos, and got back just as the game started up again. What a sweetheart!

september sunrise
September 27, 2012 sunrise over marina

Days are getting shorter and the air is crisp in the morning. Last few mornings have had a glorious sunrise.

joining 52 photos for orange.


Cathy H. said...

I love the little caterpillar and how he got his name!! What gorgeous fall colors he has! Oh, and that sunset is breathtaking!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment!! I've enjoyed scrolling through yours!!

Cheryl said...

What a gorgeous photo! You're so lucky you get to see things like that from the island. I love the caterpillar. Haven't seen one in ages. I love the story as well. Gotta love Cheetos!

kat {pipkin hollow} said...

Incredible photos, both of them. Love your "cheetopillar"! And the story! Did your husband's team win?

Tracy said...

OOOooo... the ORANGE today make the heart sing and the senses sizzle! Cheetopillar--love that. And gotta love husbands who go in for snacks not matter what. ;o) Happy Days, Juana ((HUGS))

Linda W. said...

Great shot of the little caterpillar. And I love your sunset shot too. Great photos!

Sandra said...

Now that's one hair "cheetopillar"! I love the gorgeous golden sunrise capture! So nice to visit you here!

Bella said...

Such a sweet story. I love the photos you linked up this week.

annie said...

Two beautiful orange photos! I loved the story that went along with them.

chuck-ct said...

i don't like hairy caterpillars. this good looking fellow has me thinking twice.

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