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Oct 7, 2012

hours series

hours III, detail
hours III, detail
I'm still working on my Hours series that I spoke about in this post. I finished Hours III this past week and there are five others that are works in progress.

My art table is a giant mess right now. I usually straighten up after each project. This project is months long, so I need to reorganize and tidy up sooner than later, but have no motivation to do it.

How do you encourage yourself to keep a tidy working area while you're deep into a project?

 joining sunday sketches


Tam Hess said...

I usually set a mini goal, get it done and then do something fun. Silly "get your work done and then play" motivational trick! I'm simple so it works for me! hehe Love seeing what you're up too!!

Alicia C said...

its not realistic to keep a clean area while working - creating is essentially a 'messy' task. beautiful project! love the leaves

Tammie Lee said...

this piece is really wonderful
it holds a great deal of feeling, for me

i can only tidy up after i complete a piece, because i will never remember what i was using to start at it again

good inspiration for finishing each piece ;-)

Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely art!

When working in fabric (art quilts) I usually wait till I am about to do a new project and then I clean up the remnants of the last one.

With drawing/painting there is no mess. My tools are either at my side on in my carry all ready to go where I go.

Missy said...

Beautiful piece, and super awesome that you used the leaves and stuff from your hike, came out lovely.

Tracy said...

Oh, I do love your Hours series, Juana...there is such a poignant beauty about these individual works. It is hard to keep a space tidy, especially while in the midst of a bigger project. But I find keeping even small ares relatively clear makes me feel better mentally... to see even a bit of the table top--not a bad thing...LOL... Happy Days ((HUGS)) P.S. Many thanks for your lovely comments at my place, and especially your visit to our art blog--we don't get to many visitors there still. ;o)

Zena said...

Wonderful series, this is beautiful

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