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Sep 17, 2014

end of the season

forest and sun
changing seasons in the forest

The weather has been perfect for bicycle riding, and we got one more bike tour in last week. The ride to the state park was comfortable. With Autumn coming on, the humidity is almost nil and the mornings and nights are colder. We usually stay in the hiker/biker campground where cars are not allowed, but campfires weren't allowed there. Knowing the night would be cold without a campfire, we stayed in the regular campgrounds and enjoyed a bbq and campfire.

outdoor market surly ride
outdoor market ride

Saturdays we sometimes ride to the outdoor market in the next town. The outdoor markets will be ending soon. I'll miss buying those garden vegetables and fruits picked at their perfect ripeness. But I am sure, I'll find many things to like about riding in the Fall weather!

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Tracy said...

Me LOVE, love, love the BIG SUN and the flaring!! :o) Such grand days just now, aren't they? We're having a touch of Indian Summer here--such a treat--and soaking it up. Real autumn is a breath way! Happy Days, Juana ((HUGS)) said...

We are having a marvellous late summer here as well. Lovely pictures , enjoy the weekend !

Bella said...

Such gorgeous sun flare! I love what the end of your season looks like. Thank you for adding to the gallery.

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