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Sep 12, 2014

old cars and dog walker

dog walker and old car

It's a dog-friendly town and you can find dog dishes filled with water and dog bones inside and outside of stores or along neighborhood streets.

old red car

On this particular day last Tuesday, there was a group of old cars that settled for the afternoon. Most of the town's buildings were built in the early 1900's, so the cars married well with the buildings. I enjoyed being taken back in history.

old cars

Most of the cars were from the years 1912 to 1915. There was even one that was steam-powered. Some of the drivers and their passengers were dressed in the time period as well. There were a total of 100 cars from that era in town!

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4 comments: said...

My guess is that the dog is more interested in the bones than in the old cars!

Jacqueline said...

I love that you took a photo of a dog walker taking a photo! And that dog is so pretty! I love its coat.

Gallery Juana said...

Chai, now I see I should have written "dog biscuits"... ha ha. But I am sure, either way, the dogs are more interested in the treat than the car.

Jacquiline, I think the dog is a gem too!

QuiltSwissy said...

Love the old cars and the dog! great photo!

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