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Feb 18, 2015


Fuyu kaki - Japanese fuyu persimmon

One of my favorite Autumn fruit is the Japanese Fuyu persimmon, Although autumn has gone months ago, and I took this persimmon photo years ago, I am ressurecting it here for the orange gallery over at 52 photos.

winter ride

This winter has not been as cold as the previous winter, so I've been out on bike rides more often than last winter. It was warm enough last month to even ride without my orange jacket. I finally decided to explore the bike route in the photo which will be a wonderful way to get from my house to the Ferry! The fence is ugly but it's there to prevent cars from using this route.

joining 52 photos


Tracy said...

GORGEOUS image, Juana! Persimmons are such a pretty fruit--such a pretty soft, orange. Fun with your Polaroids too! So good you've been able to get out and bike more this winter. It's been an oddly mild winter for here--not as much snow, which is OK by me. ;o) Sure makes getting around easier... LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Maria Ontiveros said...

I received your fantastic post card with the camera. I love it as I love photography as well,
Thank you!

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