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Jan 24, 2017

My local Sister march for the women's march on DC

Love has manners

I wasn't going to be able to make the sister march in Seattle and was hoping my little town, Langley,  would have a sister march. I finally found a post on facebook through the Sister Marches index on the Women's March website. When I found the facebook announcement, there were only a few that would be marching and with no permit to march, we'd have to stay on sidewalks. The facebook page was pretty quiet as locals communicate through other means. That was obvious when I arrived. There were a lot of people, and several official town vehicles and a police car.

super girl

langley sister march with women's march on DC

Word had spread and the proper permits to march on the streets were finalized. At least 1000 people showed up to march. Before the march began, we were all bunched up in the meeting place. The energy level was high and hopeful. As we marched on to the street, that street dips into a valley and than rises onto a hill, allowing everyone to see each other marching.

women's march posters

Wow! That was when we all realized how many there were of us in our small town! Some had come from other parts of Whidbey island to march here in Langley. I got all chocked up at this sight and heard the same from other people.

dog marching with women's march

resist bigly

yours truly

According to the Women's March website:


Read my blog post on my poster art here:

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