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Sep 13, 2018

Bicycle day trip in Port Townsend, WA

Larry Scott trail, Cape George Trailhead

Larry Scott trail, Port Townsend WA

We cycled down the Larry Scott trail several years ago when we took a bike tour and camped at the Fort Townsend State Park.  The trail extends even further so we returned to Port Townsend and revisited the trail.  Jefferson County provides a nice map of the trail here:

The trail begins at the boatyard and meanders along the coast past the paper mill.  Since we had taken that route before, I wanted to travel a different route to reach the Cape George trailhead.  We took the back roads (Hastings Ave W to Cape George Rd) and for the most part, there was hardly any traffic.  Port Townsend is a very bicycle friendly town and most drivers/cars do their part to share the road.

Port Townsend, Wa Wooden Boat Festival

The Wooden Boat Festival was also in town.  Leaving on the ferry back to Whidbey Island gave us some fantastic views of all the boats.  During the festival, visitors can sail for a couple of hours for a fee.    Boats available range from small to large and from modern to vintage.

Port Townsend, Wa Wooden Boat Festival

It was a wonderful day and here is a short video of us on the trail.

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