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Showing posts from March, 2007

A Cut

I thought had healed,
your memory unfaded,
You pick at the scab,
I promise myself
I will not cry.

Our gazes cold,
Our breathing slows,
Your hand is steady.

We've been over this before
I had already forgotten that day,
years ago.
Your questions,
the cut now raw.
You have your answer.

Falling Snow

I am a shadow.
I speak when spoken to,
listen intently to every word.

At night
when the lights are out,
I weep,
and my tears
like falling snow,
make no sound.

Jan 2005


ChangeA single drop of water falling steadily on stone.

A Windy Day

I remember being
a little girl in pigtails
wearing my Sunday dress
with arms stretched out
pretending to be caught up in the wind,
and tossed about,
continually laughing.
April 2004

Some days pass

where I feel like the child
whisked up in her father's arms, touching the ceiling.
Other days pass
where there is not much time for thoughts,
and I am the child,
waiting in line at the bus stop.
June 2004

First Meeting

Burning your thoughts in a notebook,
you walk past me.
I fade into the crowd.
And though I try to think of something else,
I cannot chase away the thought of you.

I Feel Safer

When you lie beside me,I dream of summer days, lying naked beneath a full moon.August 05, 2004