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Xmas in Japan

Christmas decorations in and outside stores went up in Sendai around late November. Even one of the English schools where I work is playing Xmas music this year. In Japan, beginning in mid-December, you can view the huge and expansive"Christmas Illuminations". In my city, all the trees on a particular street are blanketed with white lights. Couples and families walk amongst the trees in awe of the illumination. Others avoid the area at all costs due to the crowds. Christmas Eve is most popular for dates. Most popular things to do with your date: view the Christmas Illumination then have a Special candlelit Christmas Dinner at a fancy restaurant (average price is $100 per person). Christmas Cake and fried chicken or roasted chicken are also popular for those who want to spend it at home with friends. Fried chicken? I wonder how the fried chicken tradition started? You can expect to spend at least $30 for a whole xmas cake. My husband and I usually have dinner out at a reasonab

Something Funny to Read

I am feeling pretty burnt out from my day job today. The end of the year is always pretty busy, and I make it through each day hanging by a thread. It seems I am not the only one, from what my students and co-workers, tell me. Today I was on the forums again at Etsy and ran across a post about humorous feedback on Amazon. Just a warning: The feedback is off-colour and irreverant humour, especially the last one. However, it is just what I needed after a long six-day work week; it had me in tears. I especially like the reviews for the car alarm and for the Braun electric shaver. These reviews on Amazon are by somebody who goes by the name of Noni. Whether the reviews are useful or not is in question, but I definitely enjoyed the laugh tonite.


I was browsing the forums tonite on Etsy and came across a Post your Craft Tutorials thread. There are so many talented artists on Etsy, and these tutorials are great. Making a ring/Pendant by s olaartworks 'Rosette' wire wrapped Ring by mcfarlanddesigns Silkscreening on the Cheap by intothefire Making a banner using GIMP by stamp I have been wanting to try silkscreening too!

Monthly Update

The Gallery Juana Newsletter has arrived. If you haven't been to my Etsy shop recently, here is ... What's New: I recently listed a Japanese Fabric notepad and Chiyogami notepad and a 2008 pocketbook calendar . What's in the Works: Geisha II I just finished a smaller Collage titled, Geisha II. 21cm x 15 cm It began with a painting of a Geisha on rice paper which was then glued to canvas board. Textured rice paper dyed with Sumi Ink represents her hair. Ephemera and two slivers of rice paper embellishes her hair for ornaments. Japanese fabric adds color and detail to her Kimono. The background was painted with gold acrylic. I just need to do a few touch-ups and then varnish it. This collage will be available by the end of December.

Daruma ACEO

Support: washi postcard Materials: ink and protective sealant2.5 x 3.5 inches signed and dated on back The last few weeks were busy at my day job. On Monday, I went to the stone spa and just relaxed. I was glad to be lying on a hot, stone slab with nothing to do but let my thoughts melt away. Tuesday was my day-off and I decided to paint Daruma. When I was in Sapporo years ago, I practiced for weeks painting him. Daruma is very important to Japanese Buddhism. This is an original ACEO Ink Brush Painting of Daruma . Bodhidharma is known as Daruma in Japan and is a favorite subject in Zen, Sumi-E paintings. Bodhidharma was an Indian sage and is the founder of Zen Buddhism.