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You Have My Heart

We reach for each other, the familiar touch, the words understood, and in that moment, we know Love is the miles we have traveled together and the miles we have yet to see. October 10, 1999

Somewhere Between Here and There

Somewhere Between Here and There Not knowing Which place to call Home.


I got back from my 2 week vacation on Jan 8th. I finally picked up a paint brush today! I have had this Japanese matte board with gold in my supply stash for months. I finally had an idea of how I could use it. This is an original ink painting with a Japanese proverb. My initials are at the end of the proverb. A group of monks are on their long pilgrimage or journey. We all have our own journey or pilgrimage to take. Proverb read as follows: Ame futte ji katamaru Literal translation: Rained on ground hardens Meaning: Adversity builds character Support: Japanese matte board with gold, in-laid design surrounding image. size:4.5 H x 4 W inches13.5 H x 12 W cm Speaking of adversity, last year my husband and I visited Yamadera Temple in Yamagata . We climbed 1100 steps to get to the top. The sense of accomplishment along with the view made the climb worth it. Coming down was grueling. Once we got to the bottom, we had amazake, a traditional sweet, low-alcoholic Japanese drink mad

Back from Vacation and Monthly Newsletter

I got back to Japan on Tuesday, Jan. 8th. Being home for the holidays was comforting. The jet lag is not enjoyable though. I gave myself Wednesday to recuperate before going back to work on Thursday. On Wednesday, I pretty much just slept all day. That is, I slept for 12 hours straight (waking up at 11 a.m. on Wednesday) then took a 3 hour nap later in the day. I went to bed at 11 p.m. and woke up today (Thursday) at 7 a.m. Yay! I am back on schedule! What's New I will be uploading new Prints to my etsy shop throughout January. To the right is a print of my Angel Collage. Leah has included my Sakura Aceo on her blog" More Ways to Waste Time ". She has featured many good finds at etsy. Thanks to Robin , I got a new banner for my Etsy shop and blog in December. I hope everyone had a good winter holiday and many good wishes to everyone for the New Year!