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The Dream Chronicles and Presence II

I often dream through my conflicts. These dreams sometimes follow a theme or appear in sequence. I work out my questions through my dreams. Sometimes, I haven't even admitted the question. This is the second entry in "The Dream Chronicles." Go here to view the series : The Dream Chronicles The Second Ghost dream My husband and I had been asleep for sometime. He was on my left and my cat was between us. I was sleeping partially on my left side facing him with my left arm wrapped around my cat. For some reason, my right arm was stretched out behind me to the right side of the bed. I became aware that a hand was holding my right hand. I could feel the warmth and the pressure of the hand. I remember slightly waking up and thinking how sweet of my husband to hold my hand. As I slowly started to wake up more and logically put together our positions, I realised that he couldn't be holding my hand. At this point, I tried to move but the hand would not let go of my

Earthquakes, Dreams and a Portrait

Last Saturday morning, June 14th, Iwate-Miyagi prefectures in Japan experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that was stronger than usual. There are still people missing. My thoughts and condolences go out to those who have lost a loved one. I live in Miyagi about a couple of hours south of the earthquake epicenter. At the time, I was still asleep, huddled with my cat and husband next to me. The noises, shaking and swaying of our 8th floor apartment were enough to awaken me. Getting to work across town was difficult as the subways and trains were stopped until after midday. I had to take a taxi to work which was unnerving. Traffic was heavy, emergency vehicles with their sirens kept passing us, and the earthquake reports on the radio underlined the seriousness of the earthquake at the epicenter. I got to work late with only five minutes to prepare for my first class. This past earthquake was a reminder of the need to be prepared for the Big One that Japan predicts will

Recent Painting and Summer Sale

Inspired by a challenge to do a painting based on a fictional character, I completed this small painting. Marisol is in high school. She is shy, independent, and studies hard. She was named after her grandmother but has never liked her name because noone can pronounce it correctly. Most say "Mary soul" or "Marie soul." So she goes by the nickname Mary which she has announced on the first day of every class since fourth grade. She is a second-generation American. She's grown up in a bilingual home with the values and culture of her ancestors. Her parents did not go to University and dream of her being the first to get a University degree in the family. They work hard and have made sacrifices to send her to an affluent, private High School. She is a bit confused now about her identity. She feels different from everyone. Little does she know that University will be a different world for her. She'll feel good about being different. She will even go by her real n