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Radio Flyer Red Wagon and Shadow Shot Sunday

The first two houses that my family lived in are referred to as "The Eldorado house" and "The Wagon Wheel Road house." My first three years of life were spent in the first house so I don't remember much of that place. My Mom was expecting my sister, so we moved into the Wagon Wheel Road house which was bigger. Both houses were out in the country; we didn't even have to lock our doors during the day! I loved growing up out there. Nothing but fields and no traffic. The Wagon Wheel Road house had the nickname because there was a wagon's wheel that marked the dirt road. Speaking of wagons, one Christmas morning, I woke up to a ** Radio Flyer Red Wagon right by the christmas tree. It had a red all-steel seamless body with natural wooden stake sides. I stood in awe then jumped with excitment. ** red wagon photo is by enjae . This photo for Shadow Show Sunday reminds me of that childhood toy. I took a photo of the wooden slats that are on our balcony. When

Shadow Shot Sunday of my Siamese cat and Summer Vacation

I am posting a bit early this time. I leave from Japan for the States tomorrow for my 11 day vacation at my Mom's house. Hurray! I am looking forward to being home. It will be a long day. I take the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Tokyo, then the Narita Express train to Narita Airport. I transfer from the International flight to Domestic in California. In total, I will spend 20 hours travelling to get to my destination. About three years ago, I brought my siamese cat, Sputnik, to Japan from Mexico. My m-i-l had been caring for her in Mexico. When we realised we would be in Japan for longer than a year, I decided to bring Sputnik over. After 3 months of planning the logistics and working with 3 different country's and airline's animal policies, I got her safely to her new home in Japan. Korean Air allowed me to take her on board as a carry-on, so I was relieved to have her sitting next to me the entire trip. Otherwise, I would have been wondering if she had b

Gou Gou datte Neko de Aru

September 7th, after work, my husband and I went to an Indian Restaurant. Tandoori chicken, shishi kebob, two kinds of curry, and Naan put me in a very good mood. After that, we went to the new ice cream shop in Parco Department store. Parco Department store opened two weeks ago in Sendai. Cold Stone Creamery is on the first floor of Parco and has had long lines since its opening. We had an hour to kill before the movie, so we joined the other fifty people in line and waited patiently. We were entertained periodically by the Zippity Doo Daa song sung by the shop employees. My one, small scoop of ice cream was 480 yen (4.50 USD). After that we headed for the movie. It is a Japanese Movie, グーグーだって猫である ( Gou Gou datte Neko de Aru) . After the java intro finishes, you can choose the "watch trailer" button at the bottom of the page. The story evolves around Kyoko Koizumi's character, manga artist, Asako. The story is based loosely on a book by Yumiko Os

Shadow Shot Sunday

This is available as a small photographic print in my Gallery Juana Etsy shop. I am a bit late getting this posted. We have had rain for the past three weeks, so not many shadows to be found outside. This shot was taken inside at night. I liked the patterns that the glass left on my faux- wood table. You can visit all the other Shadow Shooters on Australian Sunday at Hey Harriet .